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Committed to Manufacturing Top-quality Products

Moulds International offers state-of-the-art mold injection for mass production. We have been in the manufacturing business since 1989 and are committed to delivering top-quality products. We design and build plastic injection molds, dye-casting tooling, metal stamping tools, silicone tooling, compression molds, and blow molds. Continue reading to learn more about Moulds International & Design Group.

Why Choose Us

We have tool makers in the United States and from different parts of the world, including Canada, Vietnam. and China. Our extensive experience in the industry makes us capable of offering custom-design molds that meet your exact requirements. We believe that design is the key factor in manufacturing, and we build our molds with quality materials and to U.S. standards while ensuring quality.

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High Quality Manufacturing

We take great strides to ensure all your needs are satisfied correctly. By having shops in strategic locations, we can best meet the personal needs of all your projects. We have built all types of molds for small inventors to major automakers and pride ourselves on having repeated clients. Check out the services page for more details.